Your Tour of Kampala City is only complete with a Visit to The National Mosque “Gaddafi Mosque”

Our professional English speaking site Guides are available to Take you around and Provide Detailed Information about the Area, Kampala City’s Seven Hills, Attractions as well as information about the Islamic Faith. We also Provide Islamic Cultural and Faith based Tours, Tours of the Islamic Trail, Islamic Dress code, Islamic Dances, Islamic Weddings, Islamic Cousins

Providing your Guided Tours around the Mosque Area and your Walk up the Minaret to the highest Point of viewing Kampala City at a 360 degrees view as you also enjoy  the sound of the Call to prayer in case you visit during prayer Hours. Our professional Guides give you all the Information and History you need to know about the City of Kampala and Uganda.

Visitors at Uganda National Mosque
The beautiful interior at the Gaddafi Mosque

The National Mosque famously known as “Gaddafi Mosque” named after Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi who financed the construction as a gift to Uganda, and for the benefit of Uganda’s Muslim Population.

This majestic work of art also houses the Headquarters of the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council which is the National Faith Based Umbrella Organization for all Muslims, their Organizations and Institutions in Uganda with a Core responsibility to reach out to all People at all Levels.

Our guide will take you around and Inside the Mosque Main Hall to enjoy its beautiful Architectural designs with rich Moroccan designs and Egyptian pieces. Full of history, intrigue, impressive architecture and carved reliefs, the Mosque is a wonder to explore. It is a peaceful and Silent Place, thus even wandering the grounds of this Mosque while lost in your own thoughts is a memorable experience no matter your religious preference.

Gaddafi Mosque beatiful wedding
Wedding at Uganda National Mosque
Tourists Enjoying The Uganda National Mosque
Dress code for Uganda National Mosque
Outside View Uganda National Mosque
Tourists at The Uganda National Mosque


All Visitors are required to respect the Islamic Regulations, Norms and Values.

Ladies will be veiled as per the Islamic Custom. And Gents who are in sleeveless Shirts / Tang tops and those in Shorts above the knees will also be provided with simple Islamic Attires.

On Entering the Mosque you will be required to take off your shoes as part of the Islamic custom of respect to a holy place of worship. Enjoy the Ambience of the Mosques’ exterior and interior.

CARRY WITH YOU; Scarf / Shawl / Veil (For the Ladies), Binoculars, Cameras, Wear Low heeled Shoes or Boots and a bottle of drinking Water

The Tower has no lift you enjoy a simple Hike or walk through a winding set of stairs to enjoy a panoramic view of the city of Kampala. It is an added advantage to those that are Physically Fit.

Included in your Mosque Tour is Your Entrance fees, Guide, a visit up the Tower / Minarate and the Veils / Hijjabs, Islamic dances.


Witnessing a sunrise over the Tower / Minaret is an awe-inspiring experience and a ‘must do’ for every visitor. Watch the remarkable Experience of viewing Kampala as the Day Begins with a magnificent view as the Sunrises over Kampala City’s Rolling Hills.

As the sunsets at the National Mosque, The beauty of Kampala city brightens with an opportunity to snap breathtaking photos of the City at dusk as you enjoy the view of the City’s Rolling Hills and Kampala by Night as you enjoy a more majestic Sunset experienced at Kampala’s Highest Point!

Book your Sunrise and Sunset Tours in Advance for Better Arrangements, We recommend you carry a snack or Packed Breakfast.


Monday – Thursday: 09:00AM – 06:30PM

Friday: 09:00AM – 11:30AM re-Opened after the Friday Prayers from 02:00PM – 07:00PM

Saturday – Sunday: 09:00AM – 06:30PM

Remains Open on Public Holidays